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Friday, February 06, 2015

George at Asda home accessories

When we move in to our place we didn't really have anything of our own; pretty much all our furniture was given to us for free, bought on a shoestring or given to us as a wedding present. Over the years we've grown attached to most of it but it's nice to make a few changes once in a while. The first big change was to invest in a king-size bed, it was expensive but was undoubtedly worth it and then we bought a bookcase. Aside from buying a new TV when our other one died a death I can't think of anything significant we've changed.

It's inspiring to see pictures from other peoples' houses. I've never been one to be all that 'homely' and yet over the last few months my mind has been making little plans of it's own.... the fairy lights on our headboard, the change of ornaments on the sideboard and mantelpiece, new cushions... We have been considering a few more changes lately; it always feels 'right' to look at things afresh in the new year and heading into spring. I've started a spring clean and sort out. Making our home more our home gives a pleasant warming feeling, I want to keep this up and create a look we're both happy with.

George at Asda home accessories

Our hallway has remained unchanged for a long time. We bough the faux flowers a few years ago but they're comically a little too large for the table (one which my great grandmother owned), the lamp was a cheapy one and the horsey was a present from a friend about 15 years ago. The cloth was a scarf I picked up in a charity shop a while ago but didn't know how to wear. There are usually chargers for various gadgets so I removed them to take a nice picture.

George at Asda home accessories

When George at Asda got in touch I knew what I wanted to do! New solid oak table in a gorgeous modern style (moving the old one to a spare room – I can't part with it just yet) with some pretty home accessories from their new in range. This lamp is a glass base with a hole in it which this strange little faux plant ornament fits perfectly inside, giving a rather cute look! As a new almost resolution this orange vase can hold fresh flowers, it's a lovely colour and looks neat in it's own right empty. We should try to pick flowers up more often, they give a wonderful 'life' to a room, not to mention the scent, heaven! For the times when we have no flowers we have this faux flower grass ornament which I really love and a bluebell scented oil reed diffuser. I'm ready for spring!

George at Asda home accessoriesGeorge at Asda home accessories

We don't have that many pictures up around the house; the wedding ones have taken a back seat and there really aren't many we've got of both of us together. Chris isn't fan of having his picture taken at all. When I suggested we have a picture of us both in this vintage style photo frame his response was “yes, so long as I'm not in it”. I compromised and chose this one which is quite a fair representation of us, me taking a selfie while Chris is paying no attention and instead photographing something else.

Lastly but by no means least, we picked this heart bunting which has a cheerful romantic feel without being too mushy. I had no idea what to do with it until I stood back and realised it belonged up the stairs where it sits perfectly.

George at Asda home accessories

Job done. Massive thank you to George at Asda for sending me such a bounty of pieces, I'm delighted with how our hall now looks!

What do you think of my mini makeover? Have you shopped for home ware with George before? I'm such a fan of their extensive range and very reasonable prices.


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