In the forest clearing

Friday, February 27, 2015

girl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtskirt1girl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirt

Deep in the forest, through the dense thickets of trees a clearing is found. The light pours in and gives a bright clear stretch of grass perfect for running around in. The child in me imagines that the woodland creatures make their way through the woodland paths and congregate here for meetings, perhaps at the break of dawn.

This week has been very neat; I've already showed you some of the pictures from the woods and regaled you with the tale of how I mended my skirt and here we are on Friday with me wearing the skirt in the woods. It's almost like I planned it perfectly.

I love the old fashioned feel of this skirt; to me it works best with a white shirt and a knitted tank. This shirt has an amazing rustle to it, the thick cotton fabric is both hardy and warm with plenty of room for a vest and long sleeved top underneath. This Hobbs knitted tank (a thoughtful gift from my dear friend Alice) is a natural choice to inject a little season-appropriate colour.

The only downside is that this skirt and top combination only emphasises my short torso and the skirt looks almost like it comes up to my armpits. It's a good thing I'm none too worried.


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  1. Oh, i don't think it looks like that - the skirt looks great. I've just cleared out a couple of tank tops because I couldn't figure out how to wear them.

  2. It looks lovely and a great settingx

  3. What lovely photos as always - and I love your skirt.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. You look lovely Sophie and I love this set of woodland photos - it makes me want to go for a long walk in a forest and just get lost for hours! I always enjoy your outfit posts because you pick the loveliest places and they give it something a little extra! - Tasha

  5. You couldn't have planned it better. Love the skirt, am very impressed you mended it so beautifully.
    The woodland creatures totally meet there. They have done pretty raucous parties there too :)


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