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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

How to wear a dress in winter

You know how much of a fan I am of wearing dresses all year round; all it takes is a little extra consideration about layering and you're good to go. I've put together a look which I'd love to wear out for a walk in the countryside and ideally to a nice pub for lunch! This peter pan collar crochet dress is so pretty, it's a great practical length to keep you warm, just wear with thick tights or leggings for maximum comfort. Being a black dress, there is the freedom to wear my choice of colour; I'm thinking a cherry red jumper this time of year and then some cute pastels towards spring.

Of course, keeping warm is a priority so this matching hat, gloves and scarf set is perfect for staying cosy. A swing or pea coat would work well. These ankle boots have such a neat block heel; I'd wear them with ankle socks come summer. Tights this time of year are a must and I always recommend thermal lined, they keep me toasty for sure and a vest – once you're in the habit of it you wont want to go back, trust me on this.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a satchel for and this cross body bag is both smart and suitable for taking out when I go cross country, the colours are more classic than I usually go with but tastes change and I like to think that I can cover all bases. All items can be found at here.

What do you think of this look?


This post has been sponsored by George at Asda but all content and ideas are my own.

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  1. Sophie I love this! Not sure i'd get away with it as a pear shaped jeans-addicted fortysomething! :-(

  2. Sophie I love this! Not sure i'd get away with it as a pear shaped jeans-addicted fortysomething! :-(

  3. I like this!! I have a dress very much like this which I adore. George Clothes are cool. Id wear that beret!!! X

  4. I love the dress, especially the collar. I love George's options, they always have a nice, affordable range. I love the colours on the hat, scarf and gloves set! - Tasha

  5. The dress us pretty but it's the hat and scarf that are the winner for me. I've got some fab George items now, they're all really well made and have lasted so well.

  6. I'm dying, because I saw that hat/scarf/glove combo reduced the other day when I called in, but told myself 'I didn't need another winter set' , regretting ever so x x x


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