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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

tilt/shift duckstilt/shift duckstilt/shift ducks

I've been taking photographs outdoors for a few years now and one thing that I have realised is that no matter where you go, how many times you go there; the photographic opportunities never diminish. The levels of light fluctuate from day to day and are entirely different through each season, which completely changes the pictures you get. Nature ensures that even in the depths of winter there are still amazing sights to be seen.

It's always worth retracing your footsteps to familiar places, you never know what you might see on that occasion that you've never noticed before. Sometimes you have to look closer, harder, longer or through fresh eyes to make the most of things. I've been getting used to my new camera for the last month; I downsized to a Sony A58 which I'm over the moon about. It's about ¾ the size of our Sony SLR which makes it lighter and easier to hold and carry around while still using our existing lenses – phew, what a relief. I tend to just stick with two lenses usually; my 50mm prime and my 75-300 mm Tamron lens which is great as it also has the macro option so covers all bases. While we do have a wide angle lens I don't much care for it and Chris has a hotchpotch of other lenses and filters which I steer clear of. Sticking with what is familiar is more my style.

However, I have discovered some new settings that have piqued my interest, one being the tilt/shift effect. Naturally, it's not the real deal but is certainly enough to make me want to play around with it. These ducks have taken on a whole new look in the river and to me it's something magical.

Do you like to push the boundaries or do you prefer to play it safe?


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