A bunch of flowers from the garden

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


By nature I'm young at heart; convinced I'm not quite a grown up yet. It's funny when little things suddenly make you feel like an adult; the day I took my husband's suit for dry cleaning, such a peculiar feeling washed over me. Picking these flowers and shoots from the garden reminded me of my grandmothers, I'm sure both of them liked to snip a few little bits from outside and pop them in water. I'd never done it before but after seeing a few other pictures from people doing the same on Instagram my interest was piqued enough to head outdoors with a pair of scissors (odd choice) while wearing a somewhat worried expression, seeking some shoots ready to flower. We have one rosebush which we planted years ago and has thrived contrary to our haphazard gardening, most of the flowers are in mid bloom already so I looked hard for a few buds and was rewarded. Our hypericum bushes are always a joy to see with swathes of yellow flowers, so I know they can spare a few stalks. There were also a few flowering weeds I made use of too as well as a little bulking greenery and lavender. All in all, not a bad first attempt.


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