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Sunday, June 21, 2015

RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
I'd like to talk about Lincoln a bit more today, he's gate-crashed a few posts over the last couple of years but I want to give him a full one all to himself for a change.
Lincoln is our Staffordshire bull terrier boy, he's about 5 years old and we got him from a rescue centre over two years ago. When we lost our first dog (also a rescue dog), I was so upset I wondered whether I would ever want another dog at all, even though we've always had a family dog from day 1. It felt a bit like we were looking to replace our original, which sat uncomfortably with me for quite a while but after a couple of visits to local rescue centres it gave me that little lift I needed, making me see that each and every dog is different and can only ever add to your life, not fill a carbon copy printout of a previous experience.
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
I had a look at this particular rescue centre's website and found three dogs that looked of interest; we had our heart set on a staffie for many reasons. Old Comet was part staffie, he was a good dog with a heart of gold. We took my initial choice out for a walk up the road. As we walked by all the cages of dogs with a dog which looked more like a rhino than a staffie (but was as placid as could be) most of the other dogs were going crazy for attention; barking and jumping around like wild things, with the exception of one little boy, who sat at the bars with ears pricked; just watching quietly. That little lad was called Lincoln. We took him for a walk next and found him to be a rather happy lad. The third dog we walked was a younger staffie who although walked most politely on the lead, was just so affectionate that it was a little overwhelming. We took a day to talk over what we should do, knowing that we were only having one dog yet kind of falling for both. We chose Lincoln, a quiet little lad who had been found straying and nobody had claimed; such a sad story. Imagine losing your dog and not trying to find it.
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
We don't really know what happened to Lincoln before he was found straying. Somebody had obviously taken the time to train him the basics of sit, down and give paw, he was already very obedient on those things when we first got him. Somewhere down the line things went wrong, why did nobody try to find him?
The RSPCA alone receives calls about 33 abandoned animals a day.
There are sadly many, many unwanted Staffordshire bull terriers ending up in rescue centres every year because they are bought as cute puppies, brought up badly or naively (not realising how much food/attention/space they will need), or worse still just getting bored of them and getting rid of them. From what I have seen, I would say they are the breed most often turning up at rescue centres. Staffies get a bad press and I for one find it disgusting and disgraceful. The media will merrily attach the term staffie to any unconfirmed butch breed or mix breed dog, seems to hunt down any incident to report on and fails to report on many other dog incidents with the same depth.
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
I wrote about staffie love before and once again, I would urge you to think very carefully before taking on any dog. Puppies are no picnic and there are many rescue centre dogs who deserve your care who have so much love to give. My advice is to go to dog training classes even if your dog is obedient and well behaved. By working together you will strengthen your bond and get to understand your dog as well as learning how to be a better dog owner.
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
As I've been writing this, Lincoln has been sleeping by my side sharing his warmth and snoring gently. I can feel my eyes pricking with tears with love for this little guy.
RSPCA #RehomingAngels campaign Lincoln staffordshire bull terrier rescue staffie
This post was written as part of the #RehomingAngel campaign with the RSPCA which includes a featured link. All content and opinions are my own, as always.

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