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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birds of spring in Norfolk

Birds. They don't often feature around here but lately I've caught a few birds with my camera and thought I'd amalgamate them into just the one post so as to keep things neat. I couldn't believe my good fortune to be able to capture what I believe to be a blue tit (or two, we were unsure) popping in and out of it's nest inside this tree stump. The little beauty was so fast; darting to it's home then slipping in through the sliver of an entrance. We are often treated to the sight of a beautiful barn owl sweeping through the skies and hunting it's prey. The majority of my photographs contain a pinprick of an owl with it all blurry but the odd couple are a little better. I'd love to set up a tripod one day and just wait patiently to see what happens.

The little songbirds make occasional appearances and are very sweet. The ducks are often out and about but the little ducklings are so sweet to see, especially when racing upstream – they get such a shift on!


I'd love to do more digiscoping one day, the pictures were so much clearer and the focussing was a lot better by hand on a tripod setup.


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