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Thursday, June 11, 2015

GoNutrition protein snack review

Snack time! I do benefit from a well timed nibble. The chasm between breakfast 6:30am and a 1pm lunch absolutely must get filled, no question of that. No matter how nutritious or filling my breakfast is my tummy starts rumbling before nine thirty and if left beyond half past ten I'm just about in need of smelling salts. The same goes between lunch and dinner, especially if we're eating after seven, which is most nights. I lead a fairly-to-really active lifestyle and regularly undertake exercise after work but before my dinner and always have to find something to eat to keep me going.

I can't lie, I sometimes have a round of toast and jam, which for someone who doesn't often keep bread in the house is amazing even though I know it's not the best choice. Recently, I've been trying to fit more fruit and nuts into my snacking instead of junk. Fruit is nice, that's no hardship... but nuts are distinctly unappealing for a sweet-toothed little monster like me.

Finding a compromise is hard, or so I thought. But here's the thing; you can get the best of both worlds too. While browsing through the GoNutrition site I found some super tasty sounding protein snacks which I just had to try out for myself.

GoNutrition protein snack review

The first thing to catch my eye were the protein balls. In my mind I thought these would be one of those gobstopper type dense balls of protein which sounded pretty good in sweet chilli flavour (I've only heard of sweet ones before so savoury sounded interesting). Nope, I was wrong. These are dinky little puffed balls about the size of garden peas with a scrummy coating of sweet chilli, it was perfect for my taste, with a bit of a kick. If you buy 10 bags at a time they work out at £1.29 per bag, probably a little high in terms of price but still something I would hanker after.

GoNutrition protein snack review

I tried the Muscle bar in mint chocolate flavour and while it smelt brilliant, I found it so filling that it was a bit too big for me to eat a whole one in one go (never though I'd be saying that!). They come in a box of 12 and equate to £1.50 per bar which is about average for this kind of product.

GoNutrition protein snack review

When I heard about Go Nutrition's protein cookies I got pretty excited. A cookie that delivers both taste satisfaction and fills you up a while as well as being 'guilt free' is something special. A regular cookie does feel naughty but a protein cookie is a treat that I want to look forward to! The three flavours are triple chocolate which did taste of rich chocolate which I enjoyed, cherry bakewell which I liked an awful lot and the mouthwatering chocolate orange which were my favourite. They smell delicious and taste delicious. I'd choose to have a mix of all three so that I could vary my treat. Pricewise, they come in a box of 12 and work out at £1.42 each which does sound a lot for a cookie, but compared to other bars and snacks I think it compares well especially considering just how good they taste.

Have you used GoNutrition before?Do you mix up your snacks to include a good amount of protein?

Thanks to GoNutrition for sending me this fabulous selection of snacks to review! All content and opinions my own.

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