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Sunday, June 14, 2015

JewelStreet marketplace review Caliz ehtical jewellery

Well, the weekend we've just had was dull and drizzly but winding the clock back 7 days it was a completely different story; the sun shone and it really felt like summer had arrived.

As I'm getting older I find my mind-set is changing and evolving with priorities changing. As a teenager I was always after cheap things, so I could get loads of stuff for my money; clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. Sure, I got quite a bit but it never lasted long. It's essentially poor quality materials put together on the cheap and without respect for the environment or human input. I'm a bit embarrassed about being so selfish.

Now that I'm becoming more aware of the wider world and consequences my choices are becoming different, more educated, more responsible. Buying second hand clothes is better than 'fast' fashion in my book, donating clothes I no longer wear back to charity or old materials to the recycling bank.

JewelStreet marketplace review Caliz ehtical jewellery

I want to talk to you about my green Penelope necklace which as well as being a gorgeous piece, is also part of a wonderful collection from Caliz London which is entirely eco-friendly and ethical. Colombian born, London based designer Martha Lizarazo is the founder of Caliz and it's her passion for conservation of elephants which has motivated her to create her jewellery out of vegetable ivory; a responsibly sourced seed which as well as being beautiful is an environmentally friendly choice and is part of a Fairtrade initiative.

The necklace is really well made; sturdy, precise and neat, the colours are vibrant and the fastening drawstring is actually the best design I've seen as it allows the length to be adjusted from a choker to a much lower necklace. It retails at £45 which makes it a step up from high street prices but you are buying a piece of jewellery which is made to last, working with the planet rather than at the expense of it.

JewelStreet marketplace review Caliz ehtical jewellery

JewelStreet marketplace review Caliz ehtical jewellery

You can find Caliz and 299 other independent jewellery brands online in one place. JewelStreet is a huge online marketplace which sells quality pieces which range in price from small and affordable items to pieces that will be passed down through generations. When JewelStreet got in touch to ask me if I wanted to try out their site I was keen to get involved. First off, it was liberating to search through so much choice, there are so many brands, each of which have different styles. I didn't know specifically what I was searching for, other than something that was 'me'. I think I looked through around 20 designers' pages, each of which was individual and inspiring. Had I been looking for something specific (which I will be next time), I would search with a relevant term, look through the likely range, head straight back to Caliz or browse the 'new in' page. I took another look today and slightly fell for this love hearts ring, feline spirit bracelet and this Emmy necklace.

I'm really impressed with JewelStreet and recommend them as an easy to use site with a vast selection. Perfect for buying a gift for a loved one or treating yourself to something special.

JewelStreet marketplace review Caliz ehtical jewellery


This post was written in collaboration with JewelStreet, all content and opinions my own.

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