June allotment update

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

At the weekend we spent a good few hours down at the allotment in the sunshine merrily beavering away at all the jobs that needed doing so I took a few pictures on my phone to show you. The strawberry match got weeded by little me, then we got the net put all the way over which turned out not to be as difficult as first thought. The wind on Saturday was so strong that I insisted we put the cage up before we even considered putting the straw down as I feared our limited bale of gold may have got blown away with a strong gust.

There are hundreds of tiny green berries on the bushes so it was a rather gentle process of lifting up the plant leaves and ticking the straw around each one so that the fruit are sitting safely on there ready to grow then ripen. It took a good while to get the whole patch done and we use every last shred of the bale but I'm really pleased with our joint effort to get this prepared.

The orchardy patch is looking a bit scruffy as the grass really needs strimming between the rows of fruit. I did oik a good few weed out from around some of the bushes and trees but it still needs a while but that will have to wait.

I have it on good authority that our beans and peas are in, the canes look good to me and although there isn't much to see at the moment they can tend to grow like crazy when you turn your back. 

The onion, garlic, onion type bulbs seem to be growing convincingly (i.e. they look plentiful and vaguely identifiable to me).
I feel like I need to point out that it looks like we're growing veg in dust and stone... the ground looks unconvincing but it has produced some good crops in the past and C has dug in some rotted manure in over winter so I guess the outwardly poor appearance is only surface deep.

The sweetcorn patch is looking good although we'll have to get the wind break back in action again soon, as you can see, they get buffeted pretty badly.

I'll just keep weeding and be patient a while.

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