Alright, Blossom

Monday, April 18, 2016

Almost completely unrelated story. When I was 17 I started to learn to drive; we shopped around and found the most economic quotation to be from an elderly chap fairly locally. I took lessons weekly and after a short time he started calling me Blossom. Which I didn't particularly mind, I assumed it was a mildly affectionate nickname well within bounds of acceptable behaviour. Turns out he called my best friend the same thing too. He was quite old.
Somehow, I did pass my driving test (hurrah, but still have no hope of parallel parking).
A couple of years later my brother took lessons from him and then my husband-to-be at that time learned with him as well. I found out he called them all Blossom too, I'm pretty sure it's because he sees so many people that it's far easier just to call everyone the same thing than to attempt names.
My lasting memory (and shared by others) was that he always seemed to be eating a packed lunch while we drove around. It still makes me smile.

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