Laced tee

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

perfect black lace tee
Thoughts of lace.
Or rather the faux lace that Primarni offers as an affordable alternative. I picked up this black lace tee second hand so realistically I could have paid more for it than brand new label price in store. It's been getting in the way for months; falling off the wardrobe shelf every time I try to find something else. Naturally, it needs something more significant than a brassierre beneath to preserve a little modesty so a grey vest top was the first suitable option which presented itself on this occasion.
perfect black lace tee
My knitted skirts have served me well this winter but it's almost time to pack them away for a while, though not until these threats of frost abate, blimey it still feels so cold first thing in the morning. Thermal tights too. They have saved me from freezing many an afternoon.
perfect black lace tee

perfect black lace tee
I'm eagerly anticipating warm days, sunshine and reckless bare legs.

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