Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tuesday made me so angry. Things boiled to the surface.
I'm usually a placid natured person; polite, easy going, you know the sort. But sometimes things just build up to the point beyond all sense and rationale.
Quite shook me up.
I have to say I spent several hours seething from various angles, having arguments in my head.
Not a great day.
Things have lingered on into the week.
Maybe part of growing up is knowing how to channel anger away, or into something positive. Something to contemplate. Anyway, I'll share some pictures of the countryside tomorrow I expect. That will cheer me up.

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  1. Sorry to hear this Sophie, I hope you're OK?
    The thing I have learnt is that it's not always possible, or sensible, to act on issues that make us angry. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and move on, the only solace is that it's the right thing to do.
    Unless, of course there is a course of action you can take...

  2. Easy to say, but 'seething' does little to help: need to find some calm somehow, somewhere. Consider the Hellenistic philosophies .. eg ataraxia - it can help you find your own way to cope with such days. Look forward to pictures of the great outdoors!

  3. Sorry that something got you so riled - you come across as such a happy, placid person. But you are wise to recognise that as we mature, we learn to channel anger - sometimes further action is needed, sometimes, it is better to let it go - but like you, I find thinking about other things, enjoying the beauty of creation, and taking each new day as a fresh start are all helpoful ways of dealing with things. Harbouring resentment only leads to depression, and sadness- and longtime bitterness and resentment is no good to our well-being, mentally or physically. Bless you my fried, and may the sunshine and those glorious Norfolk skies brighten your day xx

  4. I'm sorry you had a day of seething. It is horrible isn't it. I actually had that from Sunday night till Monday. I received an email late on Sunday night that had me absolutely furious!!! I was so cross and thought about it all night so I was a wreck for school on Monday. It is being dealt with but I'm still uber cross!!!


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