Bright paisley days

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Paisley dress in spring
I can feel spring quietly erupting all round. The rays of warm sunlight grill the landscape and the growth bubbles to the surface, bursting forth into the air and swishing all around. I wore flowers in my hair. I wore a bright paisley patterned a dress. I couldn't hide my smile.
Paisley dress in spring

Paisley dress in spring
The dress is a charity shop find from last year although I admit I've not felt driven to wear it much. It's a soft cotton-y piece from Monsoon originally and a bit too big for me without a belt. I cannot imagine why it has such a horribly low neckline which without a top underneath it would be utterly unwearable. I don't understand it at all. I chose my bright orange soft tee to wear as it works in with the bright pattern. Loose sleeves. Perfect.
Paisley dress in spring
Do you dress with your head or your heart?

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  1. Mostly I dress whilst still half asleep :)
    But some days I get up and just have the urge to wear a dress or a particular piece and there is no use trying to fight it.
    Lovely to see flowers in your hair again (it means spring is really here)

  2. Lovely outfit!

  3. I love Paisley - such a pretty print. This dress is so floaty and ethereal - I love a good charity shop find.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  4. I hate it when things are too low cut!!! I don't wear them then!!! Big sleeves are great though! The orange tee is a genius move!!x

  5. Loving this dress Sophie and the colours work so perfectly with the beautiful lighting x


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