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Friday, April 08, 2016

Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale
A highlight of the Easter weekend was heading along to the Dalegate Spring Market at Burnham Deepdale. We've been along several times to the Christmas market there and always enjoyed it so I was intrigued by the premise of this springtime event. The market spanned the full four days of the long weekend which is particularly convenient as it spreads out visitors that bit better which made browsing that bit easier. We weren't sure of our plans for the weekend and it was good to know we had plenty of opportunities to pop along, we rolled up on the Sunday afternoon. The weather had been turbulent all day and as we parked the car the most enormous downpour erupted so we waited a minute until it passed. Minutes later it was blue skies and sunshine!
Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale
We needn't have worried about the weather as the majority of the time we were undercover and would only have only needed to nip out for a few seconds anyway.
Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale
The smells within the marquee were delicious; sweets, chocolates, soaps and tea. I was very impressed with the smell of the chocolate tea from Nelson & Norfolk Tea Co.
Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale
There was a gorgeous display of glass art jewellery by Hazel Millington and I spent a good long while deciding which one to buy. They were all so beautiful.
Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale

Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale

Dalegate Spring Market Burnham Deepdale
The blue kingfisher piece was one that really caught my eye!

What a delightful display of colour!
You can find all of the stalls if anything piques your interest.
Needless to say the So Sweet chocolate stall was very popular! I spied honeycomb and bought a pack. Delicious!
The Dandy Lions Apothecary offered a beautiful display of colours and scents, I was drawn in. Soaps, creams, beard oils and more all natural skin and hair care products.

We admired the fantastic pieces of driftwood sculpting and inspired upcyling from Reclaimed Time.

So what did I buy? C bought potatoes (practical as ever)
I bought Paw Restore from the Dandy Lions, it smells like roses with a fresh grapefruit twist and it's perfect for my dry hands. I'm going to be using this through spring and summer

 This was my necklace of choice from Hazel Millington. It's pretty and shiny.
 I adore this gorgeous apron from Folk Who Bespoke, the material is so pretty and the cut and piping really makes it special. It's going to get a fair bit of use as I love to wear an apron while cooking and baking (I'm notoriously clumsy). They hand make all they sell and offer a bespoke service too.
Have you been to Dalegate Market before? They have their permanent shops and pop up shops open throughout the year too, not forgetting the cafe, so it's always worth a visit.

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