Allotment pottering

Friday, January 13, 2017

In all honesty I would probably not be spending any much time at all at the allotment over winter if it weren't for C; he has a knack of knowing what needs doing and when. My auto-pilot winter mode insists that nothing can be done, nothing will grow and it's all pointless, which to a certain extent is true though perhaps a tad pessimistic. To my excitement, I have noticed some bulbs just starting to shoot and if I was more organised and had the plan to hand I could tell you what they were. As it is, I'll guess at snowdrops. You can see just how stony the ground is.
After misplacing some iris bulbs for a few months, ahem, C found them in with strimming paraphernalia so I have planted them anyway, in the hope that they may still yield up the goods. The flower bays in the orchard plot look so drab now but I hope that in the months to come we will see some action. The trees still need their prune and it is a priority now, before they think it's spring and come back to life. I think a Youtube tutorial or two may be in order to master the correct way to do is as opposed to rushing in and lopping everything off.

After diligent stone hunting around the plot I have now filled one path on a base layer, still the other to do but it's a good start. The final tilling of the flower patch is a way off yet but I am itching to get planting in March/April, I am terribly over excited.
Over the weekend we did put in some onion sets but the frosty ground and snow is not good news. Hopefully they will be alright.

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