Sycamore no more

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Have you ever tried to stick a sycamore seed head across the bridge of your nose? I remember doing just that with my best friend at Primary School, in the field that surpassed a tarmac playground. Our little school was such a sweet place; one class for each year and everyone knew one another. Compared to the horror stories you hear nowadays it feels like another planet. Our childhoods we so different back then; innocence reigned and I can't really remember anyone swearing or any sexual references at all. We were children. It was so far removed from the lives that young people are leading today. Personally, the world seems like a terrifying place in 2017; unrelenting, unprotected, fast-paced. All the small scale, local, traditional qualities either seem lost altogether or some kind of trendy nice. Allotmenting, for example, used to be a necessity for some people to grow vegetables but now it almost feels like a hobby and something 'cool' to get into. Knowing your neighbours is a thing of the past, maybe you know next door but could you name the whole street or would you give them a wave and smile and exchange pleasantries if bumping into them at the Post Office?
I can't imagine you get many ten year olds now who would be satisfied to play around outdoors all afternoon and sticking sycamore seeds on their noses.

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  1. Childhood certainly seems to be far removed from what we knew as kids. It's sad. I used to climb trees, make dens, go out for hours without adult supervision with nothing but a watch to be sure I was home in time for tea. Happy Days :)

  2. Hi Sophie, Hazelxjoy i remember my childhood in the late fifties in the summer time my friend ( we were both under 10 years old) and i would leave home at 9 in the morning with some drinks and food and wander off down contrary lanes collection caterpillars or netting sticklebacks and newts,not getting back till tea time . Happy days no worries , so sad that children today are growing up in such dangerous times and missing out on so much .

  3. A thought provoking and rather sad post,these days children are missing out on so much,with Facebook etc everyone knows where you are,what you are doing,life now is so fast paced with none of the innocence we had,my childhood days used to be walking and playing in the countryside,climbing,catching sticklebacks,making camp fires,sitting by bubbling springs,the fields where I used to go walking is now a huge housing estate and there are no fields at all there now,but anyway the children are in there bedrooms in their phones or Xbox,even now I can name everyone in the street where I grew up,but apart from immediate neighbours don't know anyone now,a comment yesterday about a breadmaker made me think and remember that growing up we never used to buy bread,my Mum used to make all our bread in an oven that was attached to an open fire and heated by it,the children today may have everything,but they are also missing out on an awful lot I think.

  4. It is SO sad. Some of our kids at school just don't seem to be able to play at playtime, they seem to just wander aimlessly and I've tried teaching them circle games but they don't remember to play them. And on cold days, some stand and shiver rather than run around!Xx


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