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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dinosaur Fossils on Hunstanton cliffs Norfolk beach
It's not particularly often that we visit the coast, for one reason or another. During our time off over Christmas I had a hankering to head to the beach. My heart has been set on visiting Hunstanton for some time; did you know that the cliffs hide fossils within their layers? I have to say I'd forgotten about all that until we went fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast in Devon on holiday in September. Since then I've been torn between rushing down to our very own fossil hotspot and putting it off to savour the anticipation.
Dinosaur Fossils on Hunstanton cliffs Norfolk beach
There are quite a few pictures. Plenty that I like.
Dinosaur Fossils on Hunstanton cliffs Norfolk beach

This partial shell captivated my attention for three reasons. It reminds me of an apple core, also some kind of ear canal and also because the tiny granuals of sand look like microscopic gems.
You can see what's happening with the cliffs....serious erosion in action. It's troubling as there is really nothing that can be done to stop or slow the process of the sea reclaiming the land. The soft sandstone crumbles  and tumbles...

It was a really bright and still day, so calm, not a breath of wind and feeling incredibly cold. It was busy but not packed. On a particularly busy day it's virtually impossible to reach Hunstanton as the roads get so clogged the traffic grinds to a standstill.

This bird must have been dancing around for quite some time.

Did we discover any dinosaurs? No. But we did find some peaceful, quiet time on the wet sands by the salty sea. The dinos will just have to wait.

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