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Monday, January 23, 2017

best skirt with pockets
Can I put my hand up and ask for spring to hurry along please because I'm fed up with it being so chilly and after stroking my pretty summer dresses this morning I want to bring them back again! I'm happy with how my winter wardrobe is shaping up; there is a good mix of most go-to items now which happily jog along together. Shirts, tanks, jumpers, short skirts, long skirts and knits too. My collection of jeans and trousers has never become so depleted and while that does annoy me, the simple fact is that my beloved slacks no longer fit comfortably. Jeans have a rotten habit of wearing out; the more you wear them, the more you wash them. Favourites having to be retired has been a nuisance as I never find any to replace them quite as well. I am loathed to try on any in changing rooms as it's the worst experience confidence-wise, barring bikini shopping. Maybe my days of wearing jeans are numbered, there is little more demoralising than wearing ill-fitting clothes.
best skirt with pockets

best skirt with pockets
Shirts and knits. Yes. I love how the skirt neatly brings out the swish of blue on the feathers.
best skirt with pockets
Skirt with pockets! Bonus point. On the downside, it''s dry clean only...
best skirt with pockets
Let's all make a wish for spring.

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