Being careful with words

Thursday, January 05, 2017

A few days ago I had a blunt exchange of words with someone. It's not particularly often that I have an angry outburst but on this occasion I feel it was entirely justified and in hindsight, I handled it in a remarkably good manner, considering.
In general I would describe myself as easygoing, genial though in a quiet way and reluctant to approach conflict. My visions of at some stage metamorphing into an extrovert with knowing the right thing to say at any given moment have long since evaporated but the older I grow, the less nonsense I'm willing to put up with. My real annoyance is when someone decides to launch into their blinkered niche and anticipates you'll dive right in alongside them for a spot of wallowing in prejudice too. Not on. You can forget me casually nodding along to the rumblings of things I don't agree with. I'm waving the white flag and bailing on that kind of conversation. Old people who just don't understand how racist their outdated and naive remarks are. Or homophobes who cluelessly bandy around insults which only highlight their own ugly stance.
Wow, no.
It really is shocking how humans can be so wrapped up in their negativity that they have such little respect for others. We all know people who hold prejudices of some nature or act in a way we just can't agree with. Words carry so much weight, they really do. I want to be more aware of what messages I'm spreading at any given time; both increasing the positivity and joyful sides while also calling out people on things that I won't agree with. It's a small step and I'm not thinking of launching into fights that are uncalled for, more of on occasions, face to face when it becomes clear that an opinion needs challenging.
From now on I won't bite my tongue when it needs to be let loose.

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