I was your sorry-ever-after

Monday, February 06, 2017

how to wear seventies vintage
I was the one you used to know, I was your sorry-ever-after, '74 - '75.
~The Connells. 
Love this song. It feels like such a sad one as so many do tend to which are easy to connect with. If I made a mixtape it would have such an eclectic mix of tracks on it. There's not much I don't like. My head is full of lyrics for hundreds of songs (most of which I don't recollect 'til I find myself singing along in the car). 
how to wear seventies vintage
 I'm so thankful to Alice for sending me this amazing tank top, what a beauty. I am so fond of knitted tanks, they're an essential over winter.
how to wear seventies vintage

how to wear seventies vintage
Big bootcut jeans. Uh-huh.
how to wear seventies vintage
I was the one who let you know.

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  1. Lovely photos, very atmospheric.
    I love that Connells song, it reminds me of being at college. I used to wake up to it playing on the radio almost every day, it takes me back to my small bedroom with my stripy duvet cover, my black scruffy DMs and endless collection of black tee shirts. To bus rides into town carrying my art supplies, walking to a fabulous old building that brimmed with creativity, and more than a few handsome guys. I loved that old building, it's empty now but had such character. It was the place I discovered it was OK to be different, to do your own thing. It certainly wasn't my sorry ever after.

  2. Wow what great photos.
    You look amazing !

  3. I knew it would suit you better ♥
    Miss your wisdom and nostalgia. Darn, need to meet up x x x

  4. The tank is really fun!!! I don't know that song, I'm not a good one for pop or mainstream songs.x


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