Thursday, February 02, 2017

magic water sparkles
Last night I was searching through holiday photos dating back to 2015 in the hope that we could recall the name of the country house with the little church in a field which sat opposite a hill with the red squirrels. Eventually C tracked it down. It made for a delight in looking through so many pictures which had never been dealt with in the usual way; holiday pictures inevitably never get the full blogging works as I take so many that it would take months to share them all and far outstay their seasonal propriety.
Maybe on a rainy day when there is no hope of venturing out and usual stream of content has run dry I will revisit some days out we spent to make the most of days past. This picture is one I remember taking. The water looks so magical and sparkly in this one. There must be hundreds, if not thousands from the last few years and plenty I reall too. Something to return on the very rainiest of rainy days.

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