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Monday, February 13, 2017

How to wear tweed in winter
 I love to wear precisely what tickles my fancy each day. Weekends and holidays of course. Much as I adore cosy knits and oversized jumpers, I wish they weren't a necessity (along with the twelve to twenty two layers beneath them to keep my warm. Vests that shrink in the wash and only reach my belly button are on my blacklist. As are tights which now seem to be a more appropriate size for someone half my stature. Let's face it, who actually has the time or inclination to hand wash anything these days?  
How to wear tweed in winter

How to wear tweed in winter
It's been so chilly the last few weeks that I'm practically living in this scarf as part of my permanent address. Fear not, I also went out wearing a coat, gloves and sexy bobble hat but I'm sick of the sight of myself trussed up in all that garb. The days of going out in a simple dress seem so distant.
How to wear tweed in winter

How to wear tweed in winter
This weekend was a bit of an uneventful one, mostly due to woeful weather. Neverthless this week has almost all it's posts started with plenty of pictures from last week and recent thoughts so there's lots to keep your eyes peeled for.
Have a great Monday,

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