Catkins on display

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Catkins in February
For me, catkins are a curiosity. Strange little things.
In the absence of any flowers in bloom at the moment I decided to create a little display of catkins in a vase. It sounds like a silly question but I didn't know whether to fill the vase with water or whether to leave it dry. In the end I added water but I can't decide whether this will bring them to an end sooner or instead will keep them alive.
catkins on display

catkins on display
The little catkins have 'bloomed' now with a few dropping off altogether. It's been nice for a bit of interest but I really had my heart set on some gorgeous flowering viburnum at the moment. I've seen a few but they're all in peoples' gardens so completely out of reach. Hopefully they're receiving due appreciation and admiration in situ.

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