A look at the hedgerow

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

 Even on the briefest of walks the hedgerows are brimming with life. The hawthorns flowers are now finished almost everywhere but the mayflowers (I suspect my knowledge has a bit of a hole in it) are now in bloom and the first heads of elderflowers are ripe and ready to be foraged. The last couple of years we have made cordial and it's so addictive that I can't wait to sip a fresh batch.
 Oooh clover. I have ideas for clover but equally, don't want to pick any where dogs have been walking (and more importantly peeing).

 Sparkly nettles.
 Above, pineapple weed. If you tread on it the scent released is.... yup, pineapple. Amazing!
 Red campion is continuing to add a fabulous lot of colour to the greenery.

Dog rose. I had visions of foraging these but I've not made plans and you have to harvest and use them asap so I may have to remain content with just looking for this year.

Take care,

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