Voles at large

Monday, May 01, 2017

water vole on the river bank Norfolk
Aha, a bank holiday Monday post straight from the river bank.
In the last four years we've seen quite a few little voles on the river bank, nibbling on reeds and going about their business. More often we've been made aware of their presence by way of hearing a distinctive 'plop' into the water or to see a reed waving wildly amongst a crowd of calm. Seeing a water vole is a real treat, one which makes the heart leap.  I don't think water voles are as shy as they're made out to be, I think they're cheeky chaps with a good sense of humour and a passion for hide and seek.
water vole on the river bank Norfolk
Have you ever seen a water vole?

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  1. Hi Sophie on our local SWT reserve at Carlton Marsh there is a good population in the dykes always hearing them plopping into the water and on a good day get great views a real treat. x

  2. I lived in Winchester for a few years and there on the River Itchin water voles were a common sight. As you say, they weren't very elusive and shy, but this was perhaps due to the water meadows being frequented by people so perhaps they were semi tame. I love those fuzzy bundles of mischief! You caught a great moment there :)

  3. I've never seen one, but aren't they cute?!


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