Wednesday, May 03, 2017

There is so much to say here. Sometimes I ponder just writing and writing and seeing what I end up with. It's a conflict of interest between freedom to write whatever I like and the omnipresent feeling of the overshare. If I lived alone and had nobody else was included in content then it would be all well and good; I could share my thoughts and feelings, ideas, musings, worries in a cathartic outlet. However, it seems wrong to put together pieces which amount to bitching about others, family, situations, life generally. It's difficult.

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  1. Don't bitch, keep it positive. There is more than enough negative shiz on the internet. But if you're musing are positive, and can respect the privacy of those around you, then type away. Type, type, type.

  2. Whatever is on your mind, I do hope it improves or renders itself more bearable soon!!x


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