A while in solace in the fields

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

empty Norfolk countryside
It is a rarity to escape the rest of civilisation for any length of time; in the Peaks and Lakes I've often found myself looking around at an empty landscape and take a seat to admire the view only to catch faces appearing out of nowhere close by, quashing my sense of peace. However, one of my favourite things about Norfolk is that sometimes you can find a beautifully uninhabited pocket of countryside which can be savoured and enjoyed without interruption. Such an episode took place on Sunday. C's ingenuity produced a sourced map of some lesser known permissive routes which took us to a previously unexplored area. I cannot recall bumping into another soul, nor even seeing a car on the nearby road. We did encounter plenty of wonderful wildlife, the correlation is obvious really.
empty Norfolk countryside

empty Norfolk countryside
Gentle undulation, beautiful open fields and big Norfolk skies.

Painted lady, we saw plenty of these.

I took so many pictures that I've made a second post on more specific plants and flowers.

It's not the clearest of pictures but I believe this to be a tortoiseshell.

There strange looking birds were lurking and I'm sure that I did know what they are at one stage but I had to look it up and it looks like they are guinea fowl. Very peculiar looking birds!
A hare! I saw more hares on this walk than in the rest of my life put together. This made me very happy!

Lastly I think this is a painted lady on some hedge mustard. Fingers crossed.
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