Time well spent

Monday, June 19, 2017

The last few days have been scorchingly hot in Norfolk. Much as I like to got out and about exploring with my camera on sunny days it was in fact too hot and so I decided that it would be time better spent in the garden, in the shade to have a relaxing time instead of going out and overdoing it. In total we did spend a fair few hours at the allotment getting essentials done and harvesting the bumper crop of strawberries and sugarsnaps, but the soaring temperatures meant we couldn't spend much time out in the direct heat. Weekends like this are pretty rare really, to have such constant high heat and blue skies. Much as it would be lovely to head to the beach to sunbathe, the roads are dire on hot days with phenomenal volumes of traffic clogging up the roads so it tends to rule out that particular British tradition. So book, bench and shady spot in the garden it was. Just delightful.

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