The middle ground

Thursday, June 08, 2017

A midi dress, how rare for me. I remember buying this dress on an impromptu trip to Holt which is a quaint little town in North Norfolk. We didn't spend long there but in one of the charity shops this dress was hanging up on the rail and insisted I bought it. The pale pastel flowers sit in stark contrast to the black background which gives it a wonderful calming look. Most patterns can look jazzy but this one is a soother.
 Cropped sleeves and cute little ties; such a bother trying to get these done single handedly, I had to use my teeth too.
My hair is up for a change. I prefer it down but when it's a tad breezy out then sometimes needs must.

 The comfort of a midi hem means that modesty is retained on all occasions, plus it's not long enough to get trampled or or snagged in longer grass. A pleasant amount of swoosh to the skirt without becoming a billowing sale when the wind catches it.

 An elasticated waistband to create a little more shape which I'm a bit 'take it or leave it' about.
It's not often I take the middle ground. How about you?

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