Summer Solstice

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The summer solstice is here! The longest day of the year is here - hours of daylight of course. It's 24 hours in total like every other day. We had intentions of heading out for a walk to see the sun rise this morning but we changed our minds at 4am (well, I did) although I did have to get up at 4:45am to take a loaf out of the breadmaker so in fact did see the sun very early anyway. Last night I was particullarly tired, another example of how exhausting summer can be. We've got so many strawberries that jam making is inevitable so 16 pots were made last night and I finished mopping up jam at about 10:30 and was shattered. The harvest, although miraculous, is too much in a condensed period of time. Many hours are spent picking and dealing with fruit and veg to the extent that it's draining. I shouldn't complain but it keeps us so busy.

Enjoy your longest day.

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