A breakfast picnic

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review
What better way to make the most of a June day than to start it in style with a breakfast picnic? I'm a fan of setting off on the right foot each morning and that always includes something to eat nice and early. I used to be a bore with eating the same thing every morning but these days I prefer to keep options open and eat whatever seems right - be it something with a short shelf life, a quick bit if I'm in a hurry or perhaps treating myself to a cooked brekkie if the mood is right. What has never crossed my mind before is to have a breakfast picnic but when Dorset Cereals put together this cute little hamper for me it just made sense. Summer is the perfect time to head outdoors at every opportunity! A lovely dose of fresh air and sunshine along with coffee and some tasty cereal sounds like an ideal way to make a morning more special.
Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review
There's a new muesli from premium brand Dorset Cereals: 'gently spiced carrot and apple'. We've bought other varieties before and always enjoyed the taste and quality, so I was excited to try this new creation. A sweet canister for milk and a retro bowl on my super soft picnic blanket - all bases covered.

Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review
You can see the mix of fruit, flakes and nuts. My tastebuds absolutely adore the gentle spices and fruit, with the rolled and toasted flakes making this feel a good balance of wholesome and yummy. The carrot blends in seamlessly, it's a sweet vegetable that lends itself well to fruity dishes, who can resist carrot cake? It surprised me to read that there is no added sugar, just the natural sweetness of the apple and dried fruits. It's a hit with me and I'll have to cunningly hide my box in the cupboard so that C doesn't eat the whole lot before I get a look in again.
Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review
Vegan food at it's best. I prefer cold milk at this time of year, though hot milk in winter would work a treat or with a dollop of thick yogurt as a snack. Apparently some people like muesli with fruit juice but that sounds a little too out there for me. How do you prefer yours?
Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review

Muesli. Best enjoyed in pjs on a picnic blanket al fresco. 
Dorset Cereals gently spiced carrot and apple muesli review
A big thank you to Dorset Cereals for sending me this cute hamper and for encouraging me to take breakfast outside. I'm making it a regular thing!

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  1. A breakfast picnic? genius! Totally going to do that tomorrow.
    I can't wrap my head around fruit juice on cereal - what's that all about? Nope, it's just wrong. I have rice milk on my cereal, and in my tea these days and that has a natural sweetness to it too, I like sultanas to add sweetness if something is up to my sweet tooth standard x

  2. I love this! Such a cute idea, and breakfast is my favourite so it makes it obvious to make it into a picnic. So sweet xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels


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