Long may it continue

Friday, June 02, 2017

When I decided to let my snap-happy attitude to the countryside run riot without caring whether I was covering the same ground as last year and the year before it felt good to just enjoy taking in everything again. It's odd, how life can look different through the viewfinder. Sometimes better but often far less exciting. I think that's why I enjoy reviewing shots from each outing and picking out the ones which have a feelgood factor about them.

The world goes round in circles; we orbit the sun, we live a 24 day over and over and over. The year is a blueprint of the next. There's no need for me to feel like I'm somehow being a bore for talking about what's seasonal, it's natural. Here's to what's happening this year which has most likely happened at this time every year. Long may it continue.

Have a wonderful weekend, take care of yourself.

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