The common spotted orchids, sleepy bees and ragged robin

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On this particular occasion the weather had played it's spring joke where it masquerades as a sunny day; luring it's victims out under false pretence then whoosh in roll the clouds and the wind picks up, which send temperatures plummeting and teeth chattering. It was the wood full of bees who fell foul of this trick and had become tired and sleepy and slow in the chilly air. Instead of zipping here and there in an optimistic manner, they clung to flowers and moved in a laboured manner, behaving like they felt hungover.

The orchids! I'd not noticed these ones before, quite small and subtle. Once I noticed one, then another and then plenty more. After consulting my book and then a little Google I'm fairly certain these are all 'common spotted orchids'. The very word orchid just sounds quite important, doesn't it?. The colours can vary from whites to pinks.

The bluebells are now just a bazillion green seedheads looking most peculiar covering the forest floor.
The above? I don't lnow, my book wont tell me.

Silverweed a-plenty!

Water avens and buttercups...

Ah! A chance sighting of ragged robin, I've not come across it before. In fairness I'm none too partial to this kind of untidy flower. Am I a little snobbish to feel like this?
Take care,

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