Floating feather

Thursday, October 05, 2017

It's a feather floating along the river, in case it isn't immediately apparent. A swan's feather. I was thinking about my Grandma earlier this week, remembering how cheerful she used to be. I always remember her being smiley and patient and calling me 'pet' despite my correction that I was not a [domestic] animal. She cooked simply; boiled potatoes, vegetables and almost always cold corned beef, followed by any variety of fruit crumble. As with many a case, I wish now that I had asked her more about life when she was growing up and as a young woman. It got my mind wondering about who she really was.

No post yesterday, much to my annoyance as I do love a Monday to Friday continuity but there we go. The season has taken a turn for the chilly and distinctly blustery. The flowers both in the flower patch and garden are on the wane, there are a few more blooms yet to open but the plants in general are getting sad. The heating got popped on for a blast yesterday and all mention of Indian Summer has been dropped.

Take care,

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