Basketfuls of flowers and looking ahead

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Well I've been spoiled this year, I really have. The basketfuls of flowers have been getting smaller the past few weeks and at some point they will stop altogether which is sad but inevitable. I have bought more spring bulbs for the garden and the allotment which will be planted by the end of the year. More anemones as these are an unsung wonder for months so well worth seeing. Lots more tulips, those 20 from last year were never going to make much of an impact and a few more daffodils which came free (I'm not much of a fan of them to be honest so happy to make do with the ones which come up every year.). The bulbs from last year should be better established and that will be lovely too. Grape hyacinth were one of the best performers in a vase, they last so well.

I probably have more seeds than patches I have to fill so compromises may have to be made. Can't I just encroach on some more space?

The violas for outdoor bedding in the now emptying annuals beds are half in flower already which isn't sounding right to me, but we shall see. I do like to see some colour by the front door over winter and they are my best shot. People have always told me that pansies don't cope as well as violas but maybe one year I will give them a try.
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