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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Become a morning person

I'm a morning person. There is something exciting about rolling out of bed super early and cracking on with the day when you know so many other people are still snoring away. Admittedly, people who naturally feel like me are in a minority but good news it doesn't need to be this way and there are definitely steps you can take to augment and ameliorate the start to your day so here are my handy tips.

How to make mornings better

Preparation is key and this starts the evening before - it won't take long and you will be thanking yourself in the morning so don't skip this because you can't be bothered.

The evening before

  1. Decide what to have for breakfast. If you like tea or coffee fill the kettle, pop your favourite mug next to it and even lay out your teabags or sort coffee ready to go. Same goes for breakfast, cereal bowl and spoon out, with box of cereal or  porrige oats ready to go. Set the table. Basically make it easy as pie for when you get up so it's a doddle, no faffing or deciding.
  2. Set your alarms with care. Choose a pleasant alarm - mix it up or set a few, maybe use a radio alarm or a selection of several. We have a wake up light which is wonderful on dark mornings. Also have in mind whether you have factored in a snooze or whether you need to jump up at the first beep.
  3. Lay out your clothes for the morning so it's quick when you need to get dressed.
  4. Have a glass of water on your bedside table. This is welcome if you wake up at all with a dry mouth, I've only just started this in the last year and can't believe I haven't always. 

The morning

  • Open your eyes, pop a light on, open the curtains, open the window and breathe in some fresh air. Think about something positive!
  • Pop on the radio or your music player to break the silence. Have a sing to your music of choice, you chose favourites for a reason!
  • Indulge in as much coffee or tea as you want. Who's to stop you?
  • Get outside for a little bit if you can. Even just while the kettle is boiling. It's good for you
  • Most importantly just look to the positives in the day, be it what you are going to do, what you can have for lunch or something you are planning. Don't wallow in the 'doom' that morning is here.

Best things about early mornings

  • Knowing that you have made the most of the day. Now you can fit more things which make you happy
  • Knowing that most other people are still in bed being grumpy when I'm up enjoying some 'me' time
  • Catching the sunrise or the glorious darkness beforehand. Nature is amazing, pay closer attention and reap the benefits.

Do you like an early morning as much as I do? If not then give my tips a go and see if things change.

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