Little secret

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shall I let you into a little secret?
I get bored of my hobbies if I eventually do get a good run of doing them. Isn't that awful?
There is a fine line between having enough of a dabble to pique your interest and getting in far too deep and drowning in too much of it.
Take as an example if you will, imagine if I got to create blog content all week. What would I do? Well, I'd likely as not get far too carried away mulling over possibilities, trying to get to 'interesting locations', putting together overly elaborate plans for shoots, creating ideas for new threads of posts, have a far too ambitious plan of writing (which when you overthink it, nothing actually comes out) and actually end up with less content than when I'm pushed for time and have to bang it all out post-haste while I get a moment. I'd get bored and frustrated with having so much opportunity yet not reaping the rewards of all the additional time and energy. Certainly week in, week out it would quickly become a chore and no longer something to look forward to.
Cross stitch was a victim of too much time. Before I got married I had a large cross stitch pattern of some aircraft on the go for C but I tired of the monotony of it and eventually gave up altogether.
Cooking, baking, preserving... the looking forward to making a recipe then hating the execution of the second half.
I suppose that's one of the reasons why I've kept this blog going; just not having enough time. Having to use only what content I have to hand (and that's only what I've got up to as part of life, I don't put together anything especially) and talking about it etc. Letting the thoughts pour out over current topics and not setting myself up to come up with ideas beyond what's already on my mind. It's more like an overflow outlet than a pumped source.
They say if you want something doing ask someone busy and I really consider that to be true. They're the ones who will make sure it gets sorted come hell or high water!
Take care,

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