Vases through autumn and winter

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Through late spring and all summer long I've been undoubtedly spoiled with the volume of flowers which have sat on window sills, the dresser, mantelpiece, tables and by my bed. There has been riotous colour throughout with armfuls of flowers in every shape and size of vessel which will hold water. Over the past few weeks the quantity has noticeably tapered and I'm now debating whether to contradict my strict rules on not picking flowers from the garden to bring inside (as the garden would then look empty instead).
Much as it would be glorious to enjoy copious blooms all year round the fact is that there just won't be. End of story. The chrysanthemum's might go until November/December but I've not looked after them very well at all so if they desert me early it is entirely justified. The snowdrops appear January/February time with a short vase life and then a bit of a wait before much else; grape hyacinths, tulips and anemones in spring.
So what am I to do?
Well my plan is to use the 'whatever is available' approach and to snip sympathetically at shoots of anything with flowers, berries, hips, pretty leaves, anything to make a seasonal display to keep up the cheer until such time comes as flowers reclaim my attention. A neighbour had some beautiful poppies which they lopped down and chucked out and I reclaimed from the rubbish heap (I was allowed) and have dried. After looking them up I suspect that handling with care and more importantly gloves may be in order but the dried seed heads will last merrily in a dry vase and as a bonus I collected the seed to grow my own next year. I have my heart set on rosehips as well so I shall hone my skills of seeking out available fronds of interest and squirreling them home for gazing at over the dark months. Mahonia from the garden and shhh one year we might get some viburnum bontantense as I have ordered one to plant. In spring I have in mind catkins and pussy willow, forsythia.
In a fit of overexcitment I have also ordered some hyacinths for forcing and an amaryllis too. It's possible to buy daffodils for forcing indoors too but after our spring attempts to display our daffodils and the stench they let off I'm put off by their little trumpets for life. Honestly, it was foul!

Are there any flowers you cannot bear inside? And do you have any suggestions for displays over the autumn and winter?


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