Great Mell | A Lake District ascent

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who's heard of Great Mell (or Little Mell come to that)? Well, it's probably one of the least trophyesque of fells to ascend but I found it to be an enjoyable walk nevertheless. My suspicion is that there is a near constant wind howling over this hill as we found on our visit. The trees have fallen victim to the prevailing winds. 

The ascent was pleasant, if exposed. It was steep up and down (we took the same route) but the views were fabulous, though the low hanging cloud doesn't make for particularly good pictures in the low light. 

Sunbeams burst forth from the clouds and travelled across the fields like a giant searchlight.
Little bit of rainbowing.

The cairn at the top looked distinctly unloved! And yes, it was howling a gale up here, I was nearly getting knocked off course. This is the 'best' of the pictures of me. It's a smile of sorts.

A rather nice way to spend about 90 minutes but there isn't much parking. We narrowly avoided getting stuck behind a flock of sheep being moved up the road from one field to another upon departure.

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