Early morning walking

Friday, October 06, 2017

In a bid to both ring the changes, spot some extra wildlife and beat the onslaught of fellow walkers we made an attempt to get out for an early morning walk. It wasn't the crack of dawn wander I had envisaged, more like around 8am but nevertheless it was a good effort. What I had forgotten was that you do get a certain number of dog walkers who head out early regardless of it being Saturday but even so, we hardly saw anyone so that was a partial success. 

Strangely, we saw two herons of different types; this white one (egrit?) and a grey one. I wonder what they were doing hanging out together? They took flight well before we caught sight.
Although there wasn't much in the way of new and exciting wildlife spots, I noticed a significant amount more birdsong as we quietly made our way along paths. 

Pond skaters in abundance! I've not seen these here before so that was nice.

I'm sure these are bittersweet berries.
The changing colour of the landscape.

There were a notably large volume of swans on the river. 9 by our count. Last week we heard one hiss at a dog. I imagine dog/swan encounters may be rather dicey affairs.

I can't recall what the flowers would have been but the remnants look cheerful.

The sun tried breaking through the clouds while the heavy dew soaked the undergrowth.

Do you enjoy an early morning? I'll write a little bit more about this soon.
In  the mean time, take care and have a lovely weekend,

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