A little change

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Things you might not know about me include my football fan childhood. I can remember watching football on the TV on a fairly regular basis with our family's team of choice being Man U. The good old days when Beckham first started and I could really get my teeth into watching. Supporting England through the Euros and World Cups. It's something that's drifted well into the past through my adult life but sometimes I like to rekindle my patriotic affection. I was all set to miss the World Cup until a few weeks ago when C reminded me that although he had no interest in watching, it was absolutely fine if I wanted to sit through the games. In a total juxtaposition to normal outdoor based evenings I took up the offer and last night opened a pleasant bottle of ale, donned my glasses and watched 94 minutes of the beautiful game. It has to be said that patriotism is now seen as a cross between arrogance, racism or something negative but sporting events do encourage an opportunity to come together as a nation for a common interest.
The game was a stressful watch; I found my clammy fists balled up for no apparent reason and kept holding my breath while leaning forward instead of relaxing back. Thank goodness the final score reflected the swing of the game. It's healthy to dive into something for a change.

And on a final note; footballers can get a bad press but I would like to voice my high regard for the level of fitness they must achieve, there's no way I could imagine that amount of running and concentration for 90+ minutes, it's very impressive. Teamwork was mostly impeccable too. 

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