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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

This year we are determined to walk more in our locality. You might think that living in the countryside we would be inundated with options of where to walk but to be frank the footpaths and bridleways are far sparser than expected and linking any up to make a circular route is tricky. The lanes are lovely, I do like those ever so much but of course there are cars to contend with which adds a distinct element of danger.
C put together a walk which started only a few miles away from home and when I heard about it there was a yearning to head out asap to give it a try. Saturday afternoon felt cool and called for a jumper but bare legs sufficed while walking. A six miler is much more than we can usually muster up round here so I relished the thought of a decent length route.
It wouldn't be a walk unless I lugged my waning camera along to snap away at all the points of interest and I was rewarded with things to see that I haven't caught much sight of recently. Bladder campion above, self heal below.

A lightning blue wisp of an insect.

Wild scabious. Always good to see!
This gorgeous little blue butterfly. I find them so hard to identify in my book they all look virtually identical.

Buttercups and tall red clover, common vetch a-plenty

That nettle-like wildflower that grows in my garden that I can never remember the name of... and more scabious

Silly question: are enormous daisies just daisies or do they have another name?
No idea on the above, maybe someone planted it as opposed to it growing wild.
Below, first sighting of wild borage.

Umbelliferous! I have too many pictures to share in one go so I'll return with more another day.

Take care,

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  1. The large daisies are known as Ox Eye Daisies in some areas, Moon Daisies in others. Your butterflies are most likely to be Common Blues, the underwing pattern is diagnostic eg. Holy Blue have a pattern of black dots without any orange ones.

  2. Ox eye daisies are one of my favourite flowers!!! Holly Blue butterflies are the ones I see the most but I prefer to see them from above to know!

  3. Ox eye daisies are so lovely. Our grass has been too long this year for normal daisies, so I've got my daisy appreciation in in the form of ox eyes on the verges locally.
    I'm ashamed to say I rarely venture away from a few known walks, I really should acquaint myself with local footpaths etc...


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