The Monday after

Monday, June 04, 2018

The problem with the best time of year, as this now feels like, is that there are so many plates to keep spinning it does seem that life can be a non-stop hamster wheel of energy expenditure. Our day out on Friday was an absolute triumph and I hope to dedicate a post to that soon. The weekend was fraught with things needing attention, namely the allotment, foraging, garden, greenhouse and wildflower patch. It's Monday now and my intended catch up with things over the weekend didn't exactly happen; more cans of worms have been opened more than closed. The house is a mess and heading into a new week I feel more tired than usual with less time to get done all that needs to be sorted out over the coming months. This morphed into a distinctly whingy post didn't it, but the fact is that energy is spread so thinly at this point in the year and it can feel like right when you need to be on your A game the temptation is to bin it off and have a rest.

Do you find that spring/summer just demand more of you?

Take care,

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