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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

When the sun sullenly lurks behind the clouds and the breeze picks up with intentions of waving your skirt around like a flag on a pole you really have to question what summer's playing at. Hint: it's technically not arrived yet Sophie. In line with my new policy of throwing my summer jacket on if things turn nippy I wore a dress and boots. You can't hide in jeans forever.

This vintage dress has only appeared once before on the blog as it's an unusual design and last year there was no way it would fit. As it was this time the fit was comfortable which is more than can be said for the methodology behind the side zipping up. What with holding the two sides of material together with one hand, breathing in to avoid trapping skin, then zipping up with the other hand it almost gave me a full on side/arm cramp. Honestly! Can a little more thought be put into the ways of entry/exit to dresses?!
The satin shoulder straps are beautiful to wear against the skin plus the colour is one of my choosing; so rich and green. The pattern of the dress is like quality old fashioned wallpaper and even the thickness of material would suit it's secondary usage. One old manor we visited once had leather 'paper' and another silk. Maybe I'm just wearing a remnant of a drawing room's decor.

Is there a finer way to hem a skirt than a band of lace? Let's take that as a no.
The shape of this dress does feel flattering to wear and of course the very modest length of skirt lends itself to heading out for walks and visiting fancy gardens, lunches. Maybe not visiting stately homes though, you wouldn't want to be mistaken for part of the interior design.

The jacket is from Select this season if you fancy one yourself.

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