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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Thank goodness vest tops are back on the can-wear list. I like to pop on a shirt or button down blouse over the top to provide a little shelter from the sun in times of heatwave or to keep me from breaking out all goosey if the cool wind picks up. Some might say I own far too many clothes - and it's probably true- but then I often can't find anything that just ticks the box. This spotty dotty top adds a nice bit of interest to an essentially monochrome look. Sometimes you just don't fancy anything too bright. 

 This simple heart necklace is one of my favourites to wear, it goes with virtually everything and has a nice weight to it which isn't so heavy it threatens to smash my ribcage like a wrecking ball.
 Do you remember these good old heeled walking boots from back in the day? I think I applied to be a shoe ambassador with a post about them. I didn't wain (funnily enough) but I bought them and fair due, they've been great to wear. Comfy, adding height and super sturdy.
 I touch my hair too oft in pictures! Most of them if I scroll through the set.

Dot your i's, cross your t's
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