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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Since when did I put pictures into black and white? Since today.
Anyway, Here's an outfit I wore last week. The shorts have returned from a sabbatical in fine form; only a smidge toight which I can handle. Shorts and dresses are my summer staples so it's rewarding to have full choice back again. While talking staples it goes without saying that a good vest top gets worn ever-so-often. Over the years I've had not all that many to be honest as most have them have lasted years (some in not the best condition though it has to be said). The best ones I have discovered are a tried and tested recipe and shape - so trust me on this. A good vest top needs straps wide enough to cover most bra straps easily. Those thin strapped camisoles are a nuisance for showing underwear necessarily. Also the ideal vest top composition must be 96% cotton and 4% elastane which will give it an excellent level of comfort, give and washability. Pure cotton tops tend to dry out and lose shape after prolonged use. The best ones I've had for a couple of years were Miso brand bought from Sports Direct (I know, I know). After having tried many other places and finding a range of unsatisfactory replacements I tried the same retailer and the same brand ones are a slightly different design (less low cut which makes me happier) and still a very reasonable price. I'm not going to link it but email me if you do want to know.

I found this netty top with flowers embroidered on last year and tucked it away for warmer days. The sun's out so it got a wear.The polka dots make me happy but maybe wearing over a longer sleeved top would have a more interesting appearance. Like over stripes? I'll give it a whirl.

Here's to more exploring safari style!
Take care,

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