From the Beeston Bump

Friday, June 08, 2018

 As part of our circular walk from Cromer to Sheringham and back again we had the pleasure of once again walking through the lovely nature area in Beeston then up over the Beeston Bump.It's the hilliest hill in Norfolk if you ask me (and it probably is if you don't). The springtime conditions meant that I spotted quite a few interesting flowers that weren't in bloom on previous visits. I snapped so many pictures that I've kept them all for their own post although I can't promise to name them all, much as I'd like to. Here's a gorgeous purply blue beauty I haven't noticed before and have completely forgotten what the info board said it was called.

Plenty of dusty pink scabious scattered here and there, as well as architectural seed heads from last year - even more exciting to me.

A rich red almost purple of this (is it red valarian???) which I had to look up. Not seen this one round our way. Isn't it a fabulous shade?


 This gives you a fair indication of how misty the mist was. Fog.
 This nano yellow flower which I never usually look up but now feel guilty about overlooking in pursuit of more flash blooms. Le sorry. I did just look for it in the book but it's nowhere to be seen! 
 Roses and gorse. So much to see in June!

 Vetch is starting to flower everywhere now.
 The bump was almost invisible until we drew close.
 I cannot recall if the white flower above was wild or part of a planted border but it looked very regimented nevertheless.
 How do snails get into such places? And why should they wish to try? Baffling. Wild mignonette?
 There has been some excellent work done on the footpath over the bump which should cut down on erosion and increase safety. Good job.
 Hedge mustard?

 I mumbled something about this being bladder campion of sorts but I don't know. It looks a curious shape.

I could have lingered for ages had it not been for my rumbly tummy. Sheringham was busy but not quite as busy as expected for a school holiday weekday. More people clustered in the town than the prom or beach and those that braved it wore coats. It was a funny old day - I was comfy enough in shorts and a jumper. We managed to nab a table with only a 15 minute reservation wait (spent charity shop browsing) then sat down in the fish and chip restaurant for a comfortable lunch or haddock, chips and mushy peas. Reformed, am I? A former fish hater to someone who purposely chooses haddock from a menu. Anyway, it was good and the batter was something I've missed. I had hoped there would be a MORE SUSTAINABLE fish on the menu like pollack, coli or hake but nothing. I don't think the staff were much in the mood to receive my feedback to I kept quiet but it really does seem wrong to plunder cod and haddock in such a way. They all taste the same to me even though others wax lyrical on the differences. I am convinced it's all in your head.

If a hearty fish and chip lunch didn't sound quite luxurious enough after a full English I took it one step further by getting an in ice cream in a cone, turkish delight flavour no less, and demolishing that before our walk along the beach back to Cromer. In for a penny, in for a pound.

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