It's all go

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As predicted, it's all go go go at the moment with so much needs attending to that it feels like I'm too tired to rest and instead favour the straight to sleep option. Dropping off on the sofa has returned. I ate gooseberry crumble at 10pm last night. In the interests of keeping certain time precious the workouts are protected as are watching the England matches. Aside from that, time is mostly spent outdoors as it seems criminal not to take full advantage of summer weather. The house is in disarray with indoor tasks taking second place (I've prioritised cleaning but not tidying) but the kitchen is full of jars and bottles as it's time to forage, harvest and preserve or eat all that we can so nothing goes to waste. Summer may be my favourite time of the year but it tends to take me by surprise each time with just how busy life gets.
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  1. Yes, it is a busy time! School is bonkers at the moment!

  2. I always put housework at the bottom of the list, the house is an absolute tip at the moment, but we've been away for a few days and had some afternoons out, as well as watching the football, and keeping everything watered in the garden.
    It's lovely but can someone hit the slow-mo button for a while please? xx


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