And so it begins

Monday, October 19, 2020

Even up to a few weeks ago I was spotting dragonflies in the right places; basking in the sunny spots. There's a knack to finding them and that's to look for tall stems in full sun. They will land at the top of everything, or on a log or a branch for a horizontal opportunity. They presumably benefit from the sun's warmth, or perhaps it's the best lookout for predators. We saw a fantastic large dragonfly in the woods over summer, hunting butterflies. Quite a treat to see. 

The first sightings of fly agaric of the autumn. They transform from 

Above and below, herb bennett. It's a curious little plant with rather lonely flowers which turn into seed heads resembling a chimney sweep's brush.

The water forget-me-nots were still in bloom at the time, a few weeks ago.

And so it begins, the fungi hunt.

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